My Happy Customers Are Saying and Asking

In this section, you'll find wonderful notes my customers have been nice enough to send me over the years.

Most important to you, at the conclusion of this section, you'll find commonly asked questions I get over and over and my responses. I think you'll find the answers to these questions both interesting and informative. Happy reading.


I met Bob Peterson through my neighbor Martha. Martha had used Bob Peterson and his Father for more than fifty-five years. I myself have used Bob Peterson for twenty-eight years. Bob Peterson comes to my home about twice every year. The work Bob does is very professional and his prices are very fair. I've recommended Bob to dozens of my friends and neighbors. I have checked in on each of those referrals and all is well. Bob Peterson gets my highest approval rating, period end of story.

Don Johnson 9/20/09

My husband and I both work during the day. I received a call from our sitter who was frantic about a leaking pipe situation. I immediately found Bob online.
All I can say is WOW! Bob came out and stopped the leak within an hour. Bob Peterson is my top recommendation for all those I know.
Linda Carter

Bob Peterson is on my short list of good guys. Bob was recommended by a good friend. What a nice experience and good guy. I'll use and refer Bob to everyone I know.
Bill Smith

Being new in my neighborhood I had no idea who to call to fix my pipes. The previous owner had left me with a big headache. I needed a name to call. It turns out my neighbor is also the mayor in town. I was told to call Bob Peterson. "He does good work at a reasonable cost." I figured I could never go wrong with that high a recommendation from the mayor. It turns out Bob Peterson was certainly a wise choice. He did a great job. He even cleaned up the mess. Bob Peterson is my kind of plumber.
Jessie Rogers

Bob came out fast and did a wonderful job. What can I say. Bob Peterson is the one who took care of my problem in a pinch. We had a leak under our basement floor. Bob told us what it would cost within a range. He did the job the same day. In less than half a day our water was back on. Bob Peterson comes with nearly 40 years of actual on the job experience. He knows his business very well. ..... and his price was much less than a couple of other estimates.
Jay Moore

Bob Peterson responded to an emergency plumbing situation at my home on Thanksgiving day. He left his own family long enough to attend to a dire need that my family was experiencing. I will always remember that wonderful gesture.
Jim Reynolds

My family has used Peterson Plumbing for over 36 years. Bob is the best in his field and his prices are more than fair. Most of all, Bob always goes the extra mile.
Pam Levin

Bob Peterson was recommended by my neighbor several years ago. Rest assured that you are using the best plumber when Bob walks in the door.
Roger Stelma

We had a backed up sewer line and we were told by another plumber that it would cost $3,500 to dig our yard to repair. Bob Peterson saved us way more than $3,000. Man what a life saver!
Leslie Arnold

I am delighted with Bob's attention to details. It is not common these days to find a real trade artist, but that is what Bob is. Bob put together our kitchen sink installation in less than half the projected time and my brother who lives out of state who is also a plumber called Bob's work "beyond perfect," when I sent him pictures.
Florence Langley

My company moved me out of the United States on assignment. Unfortunately my properties never sold due to the economy. I've relied on Bob Peterson with keys and names and numbers of all my tenants. I rest assured that my real estate is in good hands.
Brian Tanner

I have tried four different plumbers over 10 years in town. Bob Peterson has been my plumber for the last 6 years. I expect Bob to be my right hand plumber for many more years.
Bill Williams

"An unbelievable mess." That was what a handyman who called himself a plumber left me with when he installed a bathroom for us. Nothing worked right. I brought Bob Peterson to my home because my bowling teammate said "he was great." My hubby was happy he could use the bathroom a week later. Bob answered our problems.
Alice S.

I used Bob Peterson plumbing to fix my shower because every neighbor I've talked to in my neigborhood already uses him and everybody seems to love his work.
Martha Townsend

My water heater sounded like it had chronic indigestion on a regular basis. Bob Peterson was the doctor who cured all the hot water ills. Thank you Bob Peterson.
Ralph Phillips

Bob came out to remedy our hot water or lack of hot water situation. Bob came out just as I got an important phone call. To my amazement Bob was able to solve my problem before I was off the phone. His work was fast and his price was one third what I was quoted by two other plumbers.
Maureen Malvin

Bob Peterson fixed our broken outside water line at the direction of my neighbor since my family was on vacation. Bob saved me from an enormous water bill.
Brian Reynolds

Voted #1 plumber in our 16 unit building. Bob is the only plumber our management company allows in our building.
Peter Johnson

Bob was the only guy who could repair my antique toilet. He is a true plumbing master.
Donald Fleming

My bowling buddy gave me Bob's number. After seeing the results that Bob delivered I'll definitely use his services again.
Ralph Conner

My upstairs tenant's sink was leaking through my ceiling. Bob was able to repair a real mess left by the previous owner. The results I received were superior. I am very happy!
Beth Arnold

"Bob Peterson, I am so delighted with your work, that I am giving you a series of free plugs during my radio programming."
Bob S.

You are the plumber my son told me to call. Now both my son and I believe you are one of the best people we can rely on.
Walter Stemple

"Your price was very competitive but the work you did has outlasted your competition by more than 20 years already."
Jim Glascow

"You are the one of the only workmen I trust in my home. I have had the hardest time finding a real plumber who does what he says. You are my plumbing secret weapon."
Jill Simon

Bob Peterson where are you? If I ever have another plumbing situation in my home, you will be the one I'll call. I've memorized your phone number. Thank you for your quick attention in my hour of need.
Liz Wilson

I told my sister that from now on I'm living in Florida half of the year. There are four keys to my Chicago home. My wife has the first key. I have the second key. My sister has the third key. Bob Peterson has the fourth key.
Danny Lotus

Your service is worth more than I'm paying. Much more. You cannot put a price on someone you trust, has total experience that you know is so dependable.
Bill Hartley

I really like the way you operate. My friends were right about your excellence. Add my name to your list of friends when I need your services.
Roz Calder

I moved the Chicago area in 1973. I met Bob Peterson when I needed someone to take care of my flooded basement a month after moving in. Bob was kind enough to rescue us and our basement on a Sunday. Since that fateful day Bob has worked for my family at least once a year. In addition, I've referred Bob to dozens of neighbors and co-workers. Bob is a classy guy.
Mike Donaldson

My wife and I were on vacation in Florida last winter. While we were away the weather was very cold. Bob Peterson was doing work down the street. After driving past the front of our home, Bob happened to notice that our outside water outlet had burst from the extreme weather. Water was gushing across our lawn. Bob went ahead and fixed the problem without even knowing us or if he would ever be paid. What can I say? We love Bob Peterson.
Glen Turner

I want to highly recommend Bob Peterson to do your plumbing work. Bob Peterson has contributed thousands of dollars of work to our local Christmas in July program. Bob is the highest caliber plumber.
Fred Cunningham

Bob Peterson you are one who fixed our kitchen sink beyond my husband's expectations and Bob I want you to know, that's almost impossible.
Betty Cramer

Hey, I've owned six apartment buildings in various conditions. I rely on Bob Peterson so often because he's so damn dependable and so good looking. Honestly Bob is the only plumber I'll ever use.
Ryan Armstrong

Bob Peterson, by now you've changed everything plumbing related in my home. Sorry but you need to wait at least another twenty years before something comes close to needing attention again. I'm glad you are my friend.
Virginia Picard

Bob Peterson is the fastest most reasonable plumber. You'll see.
Florence Beecher

Bob found the gas leak in my basement. No one including the gas company was able to find out where the leak was. What a professional!
Sam Fields

My home inspector said you were the best in the business. .....and boy was he right.
Bessie Phillips

Bob, you turned what I thought was big trouble into the happiest day this year. I'm so very glad my friend gave me your name. I hope you and your family have a great holiday. You made me very happy.
Alice Alexander

My cousin has been raving about your services for the last ten years. Well, today when I actually needed you, I found out that you come better than advertised. There is no doubt, you are a complete plumbing expert.
Amy Hausman

As you know my home is 105 years old now. I've needed a plumber several times before I met you Bob. I was sorely disappointed every time. I was starting to believe that nobody knows anything about old fixtures. I love my old plumbing and I don't want low flush toilets either. By gosh, without any problem, you found parts no else could locate and you fixed everything on my schedule. Keep up the good work Bob.
Diana Lopez

Bob, I met you when you were just 12 years old. You came out to my house with your Dad to install our basement bathroom during a hot August week. Recently I found your namesake pasted on the underside of the toilet lid. You pasted a label there. The label read:

"This is my first toilet I ever installed August 10, 1967, Bobby Peterson."

I thought I'd let you know that bathroom still works perfectly and now belongs to my grand children. Nice to see you around town. See you just before Winter for the annual check up.
Harry Schultz

My son flushed Barney down our back bathroom toilet. We thought getting Barney out would be very hard and so we didn't use that bathroom for months. I'm glad I brought up a conversation with you when you were working next door at my neighbors home. It took you less than two minutes and Barney was out. Thanks Bob!
Nel Johnson

I got your name from John at the Marathon Station down the street. John said if anyone could fix my sink problem it would be you. I want to tell you my sink has never worked so well. No more amateur plumbers for me. I learned my lesson. I found my plumber.

I work as a special investigator and my job is to find people. I have no idea why it took me years to find a plumber with your talent. Mark my words. You won't regret meeting me.
Larry Wolf

Your specialty is solving problems. Keep up the good work.
Roz Allen

Bob, I'm so glad I took your hot water heater advice. I'm so glad I stayed away from the home center as you told me to. You probably recall installing my new 50 gallon water heater two plus years ago in March. I just wanted to let you know, we still get great hot water.

Here's the kicker Bob. My neighbor had his hot water heater leak about a week after ours had a little over two years ago. I told my neighbor to call you, but instead he installed a home center water heater. HIS WATER HEATER STARTED LEAKING TODAY! It lasted about as long as you said they do. You called it! You're right on the money Bob!
Rick Taylor


Bob, can you post your answers to commonly asked questions that will help the average homeowner?
Marlene Francis


OK. Here are the most asked questions I get. I hope this helps.

Over the years I often hear some of the same questions and as I am reminded of these typical questions I will be adding them to this list for your information:

Q- What kinds of faucets do I like?
A- First I must say DO NOT buy a home center faucet period. End of story. The home centers sell low quality faucets. Junk! Buy your faucet from a store that specializes in plumbing products.

If I had my choice: For laundry sinks I like Gerber, Chicago Faucet Company or Central Brass.

For bathtubs or showers I like Moen's Legend Line or Symmons

For lavatories I like Gerber two handle, Chicago Faucet company two handle, and Moen single handle.

For kitchen faucets I like Chicago Faucet Company or Gerber two handle. For single lever I most definitely like the Moen Legend (#7310) faucet . For Pull out hose faucets I like Danze, KWC or Hamat.

The Moen #7310 is by far my favorite kitchen faucet. I prefer the #7310 because it is a top quality product. If you use a gentle metal polish monthly and keep it in good repair, it will last many decades. I'll install your Moen #7310 faucet free of charge when I come to repair any other problem in your home.


Q- What is the best shower head?
A- That's easy. The Speakman shower head. Get the all brass version. They make both a large or small model. Flick out the water saver for full pressure.


Q- I'm not getting enough hot water from my water heater. What can cause that?
A- Assuming the water heater is firing up , many times that can be caused by a dip tube that has deteriorated. I can check that for you. I'll check it out free of charge.


Q- Are you recommending tankless water heaters?
A- In my opinion they are not worth the money yet. They cost much more than a tank type water heater. Also there is a big cost to convert your piping systems to the new tankless situation. And finally, the tankless technology is not perfect. Many people are having a series of expensive repairs and inevitable inconveniences during the outages.

Q- Can you tell me more about my water heater? How high should the hot water heater temperature be set?
A- In my opinion many people make the mistake by setting the hot water temperature too high. That's one reason why water heater manufacturers make a big point of warning you about the risks of very hot water.
Personally, I cannot see any reason to set the water temperature higher than medium. The water heater in my home is set as low as it goes. We still get beautiful hot water, but not scalding water. Think about these advantages of setting the hot water heater lower:

1. The life expectancy of your water heater is seriously extended. A lowered temperature rusts the water heater out far slower.
2. A lower temperature lowers your gas bill.
3. A lower temperature ages your skin slower. The skin, which is the largest organ in the human body, will age far faster when forced to endure extreme heat.
4. A lower hot water temperature will rust out your hot water piping much slower. If your home has the old steel piping, high water temperature accelerates the rusting out of your pipes, especially near the water heater itself.
5. As a side note,


more than 50% of the water heaters I see installed in homes with steel piping, are erroneously installed when copper piping is mixed with older steel piping. If your home has the original steel piping it is a terribly huge mistake to mix any copper piping into your system. Even mixing copper and steel pipes with so called electrolytic protection delivers merely false hope in my opinion. In addition, it is against the plumbing code for good reason. This situation effects dozens of my customers every year. Believe me, this mistake can cost you hundreds or even thousands of dollars in piping replacement if left unabated. On top of the piping, many times it means tearing out walls and ceilings too. I see this mistake far too often. I suggest you run now and check your water heater. Fixing it now probably saves you money and your water pressure.

Q- How much should I expect to spend on a battery backup pump system?
A- I run into quite a few people not happy with their battery backup pump in the long run.

Battery backup pumps start at about $200, but a reliable system starts at almost 4 times that amount, or maybe more depending on what your true needs are. If you make the mistake of short changing yourself with a budget system, you probably will wind up being sadly disappointed when your basement floods anyway and your belongings are trashed. People have tried to talk me into installing inferior systems many times. However, a low cost system is penny wise and pound foolish. Some people have made the mistake more than once. Believe me, neither you or I need to deal with the downside. Put a good system in or why bother at all. Your $200 or $300 might be better spent on clothes or something.

For a limited time I'll install your battery back up system FREE of labor charge when I install your primary pump at the same time.


Q-What kind of garbage disposal should I install?
A-It depends on how long you want the disposal to last. I carry three models that I really like a lot. Do you want a five year disposal? Do you want a ten year disposal? Or do you want a twenty year disposal? That's historically how that works.

Q-What can I use to keep my kitchen or bathroom drains running freely?
A-Bathroom stoppages are normally caused when both hair and soap scum combine on turns. Some of the highly advertised brands would have you believing that you just pour it in and the water magically goes down.
A biological enzyme powder is what I recommend to maintain a proper flow. A teaspoon used monthly does the trick. A biological enzyme powder will give you the greatest chance of keeping the drain open. I love the idea of maintenance. Some types of screens also give modest benefits.

Listen up: You've read this far. When I rod your drain, I'll give you a free full nine year supply of my favorite enzyme product. All you need to do is just ask.


Q-How often should I have my sewer rodded?
A-Usually a stopped sewer is caused by tree roots. Tree roots will grow back. Again, I love maintenance. 95% of my sewer rodding customers have their sewer rodded annually.
If you don't form the habit of annual maintenance and you let the problem go unattended on and on, historically those sewers need to be dug up and that can cost you big time. THAT IS THE MOST EXPENSIVE PLUMBING MISTAKE YOU CAN MAKE.
A sewer is like a car engine. Change your oil every 3,000 miles and that engine works for years. Rod your sewer annually year after year and your sewer may last indefinitely.

My annual sewer rodding customers save a MINIMUM of $70 off the emergency rate.


Q-Do plumbers fix gas leaks?
A- Yes I fix at least a couple gas leaks every month. Smell gas? Call the gas company. The gas company will mark the leaks and tell you to call a plumber. Next,call me.


Q-What is the most common plumbing mistake homeowners make?
A-They install their own plumbing or they have non-plumbers install their plumbing.
I say this only because about 70% of my business involves removing and re-installing something that was installed wrong. When things are done wrong they don't work quite right or they stop up more often.

My Dad would tell me all the time, "there's never money to do the job right, there's always money to do it over."

My reply is why not do it right the first time. For example, don't let some do it all remodeler install your kitchen sink. It may come as a surprise, but more kitchen sinks are installed incorrectly than anything I see. Shockingly, about 75% of sinks are installed incorrectly.


Q-What kinds of routine preparations need to be made before Winter weather?
A- #1. Remove all garden hoses from outside connections. Drain and bring your garden hose inside for the Winter.
#2. Shut off all outside water and properly drain outside water to prevent freezing.
#3. Tightly close basement windows especially those near basement water piping to keep cold drafts away from pipes.
#4. Guard against cold drafts exposed to water piping by insulating between water piping and all outside walls. It is far better to insulate between the wall and the pipe than to purely insulate the piping. In any event, the most prudent piping is of course run inside an INTERIOR wall and NOT in an outside wall at all.
#5. I like to suggest that you definitely rod the main sewer line if it hasn't been rodded sometime earlier in the year. It is far easier many times to do routine rodding without harsh weather and snow. It's nice peace of mind to coast through the Winter.


Does Bob Peterson give any type of single neighborhood discounts?

The answer is yes I do. I'd like work in the same neighborhood all day. If at least three neighbors have plumbing needs at the same time, I'd give everybody 25% off.

I have days when I work for 8 or 10 neighbors all on the same day. They save money. I save gas and traveling time.


Back next week with some more questions from everyone! Please give me a call with your questions. Thank you.