Take Heed Of The Following Seasonal Needs

With Winter coming on the scene very soon, the following checklist will provide you and your family with what you need to take care of right now:

1. Shut off all outside water and correctly drain any water inside the pipe.

2. Take this opportunity to rod your main sewer. so you can have peace of mind that you can coast through the Winter season with no stoppages.

3. Check to make sure all windows that may have been opened during the warmer months are now closed, especially windows near piping. Many times basement windows are left open allowing pipes to freeze during the long Winter.

4. Just as important, check all flue piping connected to your boiler and water heater. You don't want windows closed and have any kind of carbon monoxide leaks from rusted out flue piping.

5. If you have questions of if you want me check out your situation, I'd be happy to do so FREE of charge.