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Not sure? Want some references? Check out my customer testimonies link at either the top or bottom of this page, because others tell it like it is.

Fast, friendly and low cost service is just the beginning with Bob Peterson.

Yes I am licensed, bonded and insured.
(State of Illinois License # 058-106741)

Don't commit your time, money, and your home to just any service person, because Bob Peterson is the one who will deliver the immediate and long lasting results you expect.

The fact is you need to absolutely know that the person you are hiring has the credentials to handle your situation.

I've been in the business almost 40 years. In nearly 4 decades I've been in tens of thousands of homes on the north side of Chicagoland. I want you to check some of the hundreds of testimonies my customers have written about me over the years. The testimony link is both at the top or bottom of this page.

Anyway, here are some of the credentials I bring into your home:

I've worked on all makes and models of fixtures for almost 40 years.

I've installed or maintained more than 1,200 water heaters.

I've installed or maintained more than 1,000 various pumps.

I've installed or maintained more than 3,300 toilets.

I've installed or maintained more than 3,500 faucets.

I maintain more than 200 sewers annually or semi-annually.

I'd wager to say that almost NO ONE actively working in the area today has more practical experience than I do. Call me, because I am the right person to take care of even the toughest of problems.

In addition, all my work lives up to the highest standards. Quality workmanship and quality parts lead to longevity, trouble free usage, and safety. You deserve that much.

I'll say it again: You need to find someone qualified that can handle your situation, any situation. I am the right choice. Why?


I've learned the business literally from the trenches. I was taught the business from a very young age by my father.(Bob Peterson Sr.) My Dad's favorite motto was, "do the job right or don't do it at all." I live up to those words everyday.

My father was the plumbing inspector for the City of Evanston before starting his own business in the 1950's. My father was regarded as the best of the best, even by his peers. My father was actually called upon to write our present day State plumbing code. He very recently retired.

Call me because I absolutely guarantee I will give you the kind of results you and I both expect.

I will strive to promptly take care of problems. When the need arises, I usually respond within 90 minutes. I work six days a week from 7AM to midnight if necessary. Sunday's in utmost important situations.

While most guys treat Saturday as an overtime day, I treat Saturdays in a very special way. There are a lot of people who have Saturday off. Saturday therefore becomes a great day to get little plumbing problems fixed. I give everybody at least 10% off on Saturday. Instead of charging more, I charge less.

My prices are very fair on weekdays too. Just to let you know, people say I charge average prices. I charge by the job. My customers prefer that because it eliminates surprises.

I give a number of other discounts on weekdays. I give seniors a 20% break. I recently started giving $30 off all multiple repairs on the same call. I've also started giving a birthday month discount! Repeat customers get to take 30% off the annual maintenance of multiple items.

I really prefer maintaining plumbing systems on a routine basis. Lots of people don't realize how many times lack of maintenance can lead to a huge monetary risk and an unpleasant mess.

I stand by my work. All my work and parts come with a full 5 year guarantee. The only exclusions are sewer and drain clearing which depend on at least annual maintenance and therefore do not lend themselves to such a lengthy guarantee.

Here is something very exclusive:

The Community Referral Directory

I have been a member of the only local Community Referral Directory since it's inception in 1980.

The Community Referral Directory is an absolutely huge value and IT'S FREE! The Community Referral Directory is an independent listing of all the time tested absolute best contractors in almost every trade in our area. This group of top notch contractors are truly an elite group that has been put to the test over and over by more than 5,000 member neighbors on the north end of Chicago and the northern suburban area over the last 30 years. At the present time I am the ONLY plumber listed in that directory. As my customer you'll GET A FREE MEMBERSHIP TO THIS FABULOUS LIST!

Because people like my work they routinely ask me who to call in other trades. The Community Referral Directory has all the best contractors in all the trades. The Directory is yours free of charge. Make sure you check into it.


Above all else, my plumbing customer base has continued to grow because my customers know that I'll always do the job fast and treat them fairly. Most of my customers gladly refer their friends.

There is one fact for sure: Every household needs a plumber that can be depended upon when the need comes along. Call on me, because you can rely on me.

If you desire my advice or service, call me now.



That number rings my cell phone directly.

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